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The Blockdaemon typography consists all the headings, body and other styles in a form, where all of these can be easily applied through the company.

Use of the typography is based on simple rules you can see below and use accordingly as needed.


A typeface is the design of characters itself, while fonts are the variants of the typeface that you can download. Our brand has 3 typefaces to achieve good contrast and hierarchy.

Primary Typeface

Our primary typeface being used mostly on marketing, display and other applications.

Secondary Typeface

Used mostly within the product and heavy text, Inter has the most variety and legibility.

Roboto Mono
Tertiary Typeface

As variable font for special cases of labels, numbers, etc.


Using all the fonts from a typeface can result in chaos. That’s why we have selected a few fonts from each of our 3 typefaces—not too much, not too little.

Kanit Light
Kanit Regular
Kanit Bold
Inter Light
Inter Regular
Inter Medium
Inter Semi Bold
Inter Bold
Roboto Mono Regular
Roboto Mono Bold


Hierarchy is crucial to good typography because it informs our users what’s important, and puts that in front of them before anything else.


Make your title font size at least 2x the body font size.


Title is primary information, so it’s the largest in size, followed by subtitle/body (secondary information), followed by label (tertiary information).


Position is important. People tend to read from top to bottom, left to right. Structure your most important copy accordingly.