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First things first: our logo is the focal point—an instantly recognisable symbol of our brand. That’s why it’s important to use the logo exactly as specified on this page.

Read more about our logo configurations, logo logo colors, safe zones and some do’s and don’ts below.

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Logo Configurations

We have three configurations of our logo, for different applications. It’s important to know when to use them.

Primary Lockup
Our primary lockup is the combination of a simple and modern Wordmark with the Icon. This should be your primary choice between the two configurations.
Icon-only is used in communications where the Blockdaemon brand has already been established, for example, our product, social media, etc.
Stack Lockup
Our stack lockup is used in places where we the ratio of the width to height of the logo placement area is low. Examples include event sponsorship banners and t-shirts. This should be sparingly used.

Logo Colors

Our logo should be used in two colors: Daemon Dark, and White. Here are some rules on how to use these two color options.

Background: #F2F1F3; Logo Color: #211B4E
Our dark logo lockup should ideally always used on light backgrounds.
Background: #211B4E; Logo Color: #FFFFFF
Our light logo lockup should ideally be used on dark backgrounds.
Background: #F2F1F3; Logo Color: #211B4E
Background: #211B4E; Logo Color: #FFFFFF
Background: #C6C5CC; Logo Color: #FFFFFF
Background: #5025B8; Logo Color: #FFFFFF

Safe Zones

The safe zone should be considered as the absolute minimum safe distance between the logo and other visual elements. In most cases the Logo should be given even more room to breath.



Use the PNG or SVG version of our logo. These formats enable transparency, which is needed by the logo icon.


Use the logo icon in places where you don’t have a lot of horizontal space for the primary lockup.


Make sure that the height of the primary lockup and the logo icon is at least 32px, when you’re using them.



Don’t stretch the logo. Make sure that the proportions of the logo are as defined in this brand style guide.


Don’t use the logo against backgrounds with low contrast. Use the Pika tool to check the contrast of the logo against the background.


Don’t modify our lockups. Use the 3 lockups in our brand identity as-is.